New Chain

  1. Does anyone know if the new chain is still available for chanel? I was told that it was part of the spring/simmer 07 and is sold out in all chanel stores. I wanted to get a flap in the silver new chain.
  2. Try calling around. I got mine last month through Damian @ Saks Bala Cynwyd. He didn't have one at his store and was able to locate one for me. Good luck, hope you can score one...
  3. I went today to boca Saks she told me all sold out. but she said that wasnt to say they werent going to have another shipment? That was on the e/w. not sure about any other flaps. sorry wish I could help but looking myself.
  4. Call Neiman's. They have a bunch and it's where I just got mine from. I know the NM Scottsdale (Kat) had one as of last week.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions...My SA at Neimans told me they had a black jumbo in caviar in stock and she will put it on hold for me. She told me she can order other colors and sizes for me. Now I have a problem..originally I wanted the white jumbo flap with the new chain, but know I'm not sure. Should I get it in black or white...medium, jumbo, or east/west?
  6. How much is the jumbo caviar w/ new chain now? I want a black one.
  7. orange county,
    the black jumbo in caviar with new chain is $2250
  8. Thanks htp! I have been so out of the loop lately!