New Chain Vs. Old Chain

  1. Hey ladies, yes, it's a poll. I'm just wondering with Chanel classic chain do you like better? Old or New?
  2. I love love love the new chain. IMHO it's totally hip and give the classic flap a new twist.
  3. I prefer the new silver Bijoux chain on colored (non-black) flaps in the E-W and Medium sizes -- the silver chain just looks so sleek against red, white, etc. For black flaps I tend to stick to the traditional leather-intertwined chain. Also for Jumbo flaps I like the leather-intertwined chain a bit more.
  4. Hard to say, I have both chains and it really depends on the bag :sweatdrop:
  5. Both are beautiful, but I prefer the classic chain!
  6. I love the new chain, but I prefer the old chain because it is truly classic
  7. im planning to hopefully get the new chain next as i have one in the old chain already.... its just something different... but if its your first, definitely the old chain!
  8. New chain is so hip..
  9. i prefer the old chain
  10. i personally prefer the new chain on smaller bags, like medium and e/w flap. and will stick with old chain for jumbo size.
  11. For a black flap, I love the new chain in gold, but the silver is too flashy and not so classic IMO.
  12. I prefer the old chain since it is classic/traditional, which is more my style.