New Chain or Chain w/Leather Classic Flap?

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  1. For my first Chanel purse, I've decided to invest on the classic flap, so now I need your opinion to help me decide which shoulder strap chain I should get, the new chain or the classic chain w/leather? Which strap looks better with the classic flap in a black caviar leather, or should I get the crackled patent black leather instead? Which combo would make a better investment? Does the new chain only come in silver and gold? Or does it come in a dark silver color as well? :confused1:Ugh, I'm so confused with too many choices.:sos:
  2. The new chain only comes in shiny silver (unless you get the distressed caviar which has a tarnished silver look to it). I just bought one in black caviar, but it is an e/w bag. The new chain gives the bag a more modern look. But if you want to go true Chanel CLASSIC, I would say go black caviar with the regular chain/leather strap. As you know, you can get that chain in either gold or silver hardware. I would also say go for the Jumbo size, if you can swing it.
  3. Not sure about the new color chains, but for the classic flap I like the classic chain. Something about the fact it screams "Classic." I also just like the look of the leather and the chain intertwined.
  4. I have a black caviar new chain jumbo..I ADORE IT.I personally like the new chain better than the old...
  5. Chain w/leather it is!:tup: So should I go practical and get the caviar leather, or go for the ultra classic lambskin leather?
  6. Do you have a picture of yours?
  7. i prefer the look of lambskin slightly more than caviar, but for practical reasons i will probably only ever buy caviar bags because i'd be too paranoid about wrecking lambskin bags!
  8. ^Agreed. Caviar will hold up better. Lambskin is nice, but it tends to scratch easily.
  9. i prefer the old chain with leather thru it.
  10. I don't like the new chain (bijoux). It looks like bicycle chain.
  11. Another vote or the old/classic chain. :smile:
  12. My vote is for the new chain on the medium and e/w bags and the old chain on the Jumbo.
  13. Although I love my new chain red flap, I still vote the classic chain, esp on a black classic flap.
  14. yep...hold on..Ill find one for u....AWESOME BAG!
  15. Not the best pic..but here is one i found ..LOL