New Chain for flap bags....functional, durable?

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  1. So now that the new chains have been out for a while I was wanting some feedback from those who have them

    Is is as sturdy and durable as the classic (old)chain? Is it flimsy?

    I've ordered a Ivory one w/ new chain and would love a red one too one day....but I am curious as to how they are holding up

  2. Anyone?
  3. I love mine! It's holding up great for the month or so I have had it.
  4. Mine's great too.
  5. It seems pretty durable to me at lease there won't be any issues of the leather unravelling in between the chain links, which some pfrmers have had issues with.
  6. I have one and i really love it..i think the new chain is a great updated look to the probs with mine!
  7. i love mine too! i actually probably will never buy one with the leather and chain mix...i prefer the new chain that much!
    congrats on the ivory! its a gorgeous color!
  8. It's definitely lighter and I'm afraid of its durabilty also-I've got the red med lamb but I don't use it that often;it holds alright since the bag is not that heavy!:okay:

  9. :yes:Durability is my main concern too. It seems really thin. Stil beautiful but thin

    so over time my worry is that it might snap. am I being overly cautious? None of my chanel bags have a single chain lke that so this will be new to me

    I do agree that it is a fun and fresh update but just want to make sure it will be durable:supacool:
  10. I have it for almost 3 months now. It's still new and perfect to me! But...I don't know if it's durable in the long run. At least I did not find any problem in it at the moment. But, I won't put too much stuff in it...

    It's such a beauty!!! I like white too but I'm afraid it will get dirty easily...I am too messy!

    I hope you can make your decision soon.
  11. love the new chain, though haven't used my e/w yet. but i think they are as durable as the old chain, i dont' see why not.
  12. Bumping this back up to get more feedback.

    I own 2 flaps w/ the new chain but still have not carried them and I'm curious....

  13. Ohhh, what other flap do you have besides the Ivory Jumbo? :nuts: I have the red Jumbo caviar flap with the new chain, and I love it!! :heart: The bijoux chain is a fun, cool alternative to the classic chain straps, and a plus point is that the bag itself seems much lighter to me because of the absence of the leather! :tup:

    Also, I don't have any issues with the strap kinking up like my reissue straps sometimes do, and while I'll always prefer the look of the classic straps with the leather interwoven through it, I really can't say anything bad about the bijoux chain... I love it too! :tup: I think the straps will hold up fine in the long run... they're not really flimsy or poorly constructed IMO. :smile: Sooo... go on and carry your fab new bags already haha! :P

  14. Girl I have waaaaaay to many flaps (reissues and classics). I stopped counting. I'd rather be in denial. LOL

    As far as the new chain goes.......I have the ivory and the red. I've never carried them but I've been curious to know how they hold up.

    I'm glad to hear that you love yours
  15. Hey! :smile: Haha, I meant which other new chain flap do you have.... I know you have a lot of flaps/reissues! :P I'm with you on that... I have way, way too many, but still never enough haha... denial is definitely better than the heart attack inducing truth! :roflmfao: I would've purchased the ivory Jumbo w/ the new chain if I didn't already have the "old chain" Ivory Jumbo... it's such a gorgeous bag! :heart: You should definitely carry both of yours... I really think they'll be fine. :heart: Enjoy them!! :tup: