New chain Bijoux question...

  1. Just wondering, is the bijoux chain a bit 'annoying' to carry with as it just drops and lose, unlike the original chain as it is easier to 'grab' when you put it down?!

    I am looking forward to buying my first Chanel and I have SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

  2. Hi Brenda,

    I dont find the bijoux difficult at all, it just gives the Chanel bag such a modern twist. I have owned 2 bijoux chains, and find them to sit beautifully, and stay flat with no problems at all.

    Welcome to the Chanel forums too, you will learn so much stuff here!
  3. ^^^I totally agree with chloe-babe. I have 2 Jumbo's with the bijoux chain, and I have no problems with them. I prefer the new chain, and I hope they bring it back for Spring/Summer 08.

  4. That has not been a problem for me at all. I actually love the chain as it is very comfortable.
  5. Thanks guys!!! I hope they do the bijoux chain again too....I really like that one! Shame I haven't seen one irl yet!!!