New Cell Phone Lanyard~Pink w/Legacy Stripe Charm

  1. I bought this today, mine is pink leather instead of green. It looks so cute with legacy stripe lining!!

  2. oh that is cute I think I see my next cell phone laynard !
  3. I saw that in yesterday in the pink, I had no idea it came in green! HOT! congrats!
  4. Adorable!!! I love that they're putting the legacy stripe on so many things (agendas, jewelry boxes, etc.) I say the more legacy stripe in this world, the better! :tup:
  5. Really cute. I wish my Treo 680 had a place for a laynard.:crybaby:
  6. ok, I need taht! That's beautiful!!!!!!
  7. Very Cute.... Congrats
  8. So cute.