New Caviar?

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  1. Help please,:shrugs:

    Does anyone know anything about the newer softer caviar?
    I went with my friend this weekend to the Rodeo Beverly Hills store and the manager looked at her like she had 3 heads and 12 boobs.:crybaby: :crybaby:

    She said there is not a new caviar and adamantly expressed we had mis- information.:confused1:
    Any thoughts?

    thank you!
  2. I think designer307 can answer this question for you as she went to the boutiques twice, and scored a few gorgeous caviar pieces. She just said that her new wallet is made of soft caviar. So maybe she can help explain the difference. I love the look and feel of lambskin, but the durability of caviar. So if they truly have the new version of caviar, that would be fantastic.
  3. Your right!

    In fact, when we went into the Rodeo store I mentioned that someone I knew had purchased an item in the "new caviar", but the SA must have thought I was an alien.:borg1:
    I was told I was incorrect :crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. I got my mom a wallet in the softer caviar for Christmas. It's a really nice soft but durable leather. I couldn't stop touching it! :drool: The SA referred to it as the 'textured leather' - I guess they don't realize it as a newer version of the caviar. Can't wait to see the classic flaps in it - I bet it will be amazing!
  5. Thanks Miffy,

    I wonder if that leather is only for small leather good?
    I'd sure love to see a classic flap made out of it...
  6. I also saw the new softer caviar bags in the "lime green" and if I remember correctly a tan colour when I went to the boutique on Monday. Very lovely leather!! Quite soft but textured.
  7. Bagzilla ...was that in the states where you saw the bag?
    Thank you :smile:
  8. My Chanel rep says it is a new caviar - my new baby is actually made of it - it's softer, less shinny, smoother and more durable says my SA. I personally love it.
  9. Hi Lisasbags,

    I read through a thread on tpf talking about the new caviar leather...

    and when I got my wallet, it felt much softer than the caviar on the classic flap, so when I asked why it's softer, my SA said it was the new caviar leather. I don't think all bags will come with the new caviar leather and I believe it's more expensive.
  10. Thank you designer307 :smile:

    Appreciate the link to the thread, I'll go review.
  11. Dervilfal bag is gorgeous :drool:
  12. I love the new caviar. It doesn't have the stiffness the other one had.
  13. does it come with the classic flaps ??
  14. Lainie - what style bag did you see it on?
  15. Lisa-it was a light beige shoulder bag that kind of looks like the small gsm. I saw it NM and my sa said it was the new softer caviar. I'll try and find out more about the bag. But she definently indicated there would be more bags in this leather. She implied that was the reason for some of the price increases(?) I'm not sure about that one.