new caviar m/l flap from SAKS with loose thread. *CRIES*

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  1. I'm sorely depressed beyond words. I ordered a caviar GHW m/l flap from saks last week and it arrived this evening with loose thread near the eyelet. Totally depressing... Why is the quality so inferior!

    Now, I don't even know if SAKS will allow an exchange since this is an international purchase. Is chanel quality so questionable? Anyone else facing this same predicament?

    I am so upset I couldn't even eat dinner. My local Chanel boutique told me to get it repaired.... however, the rationale side of me is totally unreceptive to the option of repairing a bag I have not even used!

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  2. You should return the bag immediately, not send it to Chanel for repair. You paid for a completely new bag and what you got is a defective one.

    I know how frustrating it is, but you need to just return it back asap.

    If you want and can do exchange, that is fine too. But you should not have to send in for a repair the bag that you just received and that you haven't used yet.
  3. I'm sure SAKs will allow an exchange within 30 days. Its just a hassle for you and you would likely have to pay for freight charges. We are hearing more and more complaints these days about Chanel quality, its getting so common on TPF now when so many people are rushing to buy before the USA price increase!
  4. I'm so sorry about your bag! I agree w/ monap_1981, return your bag immediately! You shouldn't have to repair a NEW bag! Keep us posted, GL!
  5. do you know how much it is to send it back to saks for an exchange? if it costs more than to repair, why not just send it in for a repair? because even if saks does a 1-for-1 exchange, you still cannot check the replacement piece so you won't know if the same thing might happen again.

    sigh this is really depressing :sad:
  6. My local boutique can repair for me free of charge. However I am still waiting for Saks SA to get back to me. And damn the time differences of 12hours (am in Singapore), she isn't getting back to me as quickly as I hope.

    Am more than depressed... I could not even sleep and there is work tomorrow.
  7. These loose/broken stitches on brand new bags are getting common lately. I just shipped mine back yesterday for an exchange or return for the same reason
  8. Sorry this happened to you, OP! Hopefully it will all get worked out!
  9. oh dear, this is terrible on their part. :nogood:
  10. The Boutiques (many) have very meticulous repair persons right on site
    to take care of minor stitch repair.
    While it is extremely frustrating, if everything else about your new
    flap is perfect, this may be a logical resolution.
  11. I purchased two flap bags and BOTH have defects, one also with a loose stitch and the other with a scratch. I also just received a sevruga WOC and am disappointed with the quality. I understand how you feel and how frustrated you must be. I would exchange and they shouldnt charge you for shipping..
  12. the thread thing i think is something that can be easily fixed. the principle of not having a perfect bag sold to you would be an issue for me but it may very well be the case that it is less frustrating just to have it repaired (for free of course) because it really is not a big deal. mho. good luck! what kills me in all of it is the more returns that happen the worse shape these bags are for the next potential buyer... it's so sad... but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get the very bag you want and paid for! do what you feel most comfortable with.
  13. Sigh! Exactly, I can't decide to get it repaired and let the matter rest since the other parts of the bags is as fine as could be!

    Still, it 's the frsutration from a customer expecting to receive a good condition from the price I paid. Can't decide what to do now either. Am utterly disappointed. I am debating whether this loose stitch depicts a defective item, or is it a common problem that would plague any other chanel bag anyway?
  14. ITA you should get a perfect bag! no excuses
  15. i felt my nail snag a thread just earlier and it probably pulled it a smidge. i didn't look because it's not like it's going to make the bag fall apart... and not likely to go any further. in an ideal world the bag would be perfect when you buy it. but from afar especially it's not always the easiest to get that. good luck!

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