New Caviar - is it more matte?

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  1. I decided to go with a Jumbo flap in caviar vs. the new Chanel 3 (thanks for everyone's input!).

    I just took it out of the box and I swear the caviar is a lot less shiny than my 2.55 that I bought several years ago. Has anyone noticed this?

    I dont' mind - but I thought it was distinctly different and was wondering if this was by design.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. could you take a picture and post it? Always interested to know, bc usually the caviar is on the shiny side now a day. Also, there are threads regarding matte and shiny caviar if you do a search you'll find comparison pictures!
  3. l believe it should be less structured and more on the shiny side...
    but again maybe l'm wrong and it varies from batch to batch
  4. thanks - i'll look for the past threads!
  5. I don't think it's by design. I was comparing two m/l black caviar flaps side by side in a store and noticed one was shinier, puffier, smoother, and blacker than the other. When I asked the sa why the two leathers looked so different she told me all leathers are different and are from different parts of the animal.