New Caviar GST - Wear and Tear?

  1. Hello!

    I'm new to this forum and would like your advice. Two weeks ago I bought a brown caviar GST with silver hardware. After carrying it 6-7 times I noticed three scuff marks on the top edges of the bag, where the top layer of leather is worn off and exposing the light brown unfinished leather underneath. They're about 1cm long each. It's the sort of thing you'd expect to see after years of wear, and I'm surprised to see it on a brand new bag, especially the tough caviar leather.

    I bought the bag from NM -- the question is, should I ask them to exchange the bag or issue a refund? I love the bag but don't know if the same issue will just pop up again if I exchange it. Would love to know what you think. Thank you!

  2. Chances are they will not let you exchange it. They will tell you "we did not sell you this bag in this condition". I know caviar is very durable and that should not have happened.
  3. I have always had very good experiences with exchanges and returns at NM. Two weeks is way too short for that to happen, and if the s/a gives you any trouble, insist on speaking with a manager. And if the manager is not helpful, elevate the matter to the general manager of the store.

    There is a chance it was sold to you that way and you didn't notice it. I would not let them bully you into having it sent out for reconditioning/repair. It's a brand new bag!

    The s/a who sold you the bag won't lose commission on an exchange; there would be no reason to refuse it to you and make you a happy, returning customer. Your damaged bag will probably go back out on the floor to be sold to the next unsuspecting customer.

    You could also be sneaky and call around to other stores on your own to find another. Once you locate one, have it sent via charge send and return your bag in its place. I would only try this if your s/a is not accommodating. It's your money after all.
  4. You can ask NM to send it in for reconditioning. Hopefully they can fix the issue.
  5. I agree Roey,
    stand your ground. return the bag back at NM at least they can do is let you exchange it!
  6. :tup:

    This is really good to know. I think I will go ahead and bring it back to them.... will give an update if there are any problems but based on your input Roey and Keodi I think it will be fine. Many, many thanks for your help with this!
  7. are you sure it's the caviar and not the antiqued calfskin version?
    The calfskin version came out first and I chose not to take it when it was offered to me because it's scratches, it's supposed to, it's the nature of the finish of that leather.
    If it's truly caviar, take it back, I caanot imagine NM not exchanging it for you on the spot. I get exemplary service from them w/ these things.
  8. Let us know how this works out for you!
    Can you post a photo of the bag?