New Catalogue

  1. New catalogue coming out soon - wow! Also new floorset I think is Wed and the store is remodling Sat into Sun (changing layout & colors).
  2. ^^That's also what my SA told me.^^
  3. That funky multicolored ergo shown somewhere here a few months back is in there. Also a new red (or camel) suede toned PW ergo...
  4. ewww yay!! I gotta call my SA but I think he's still at the convention in Florida. Hmmm gotta wait till Sunday.
  5. I went to my boutique today and my SA slipped me a catalog early. Most of the stuff in it is exactly the same as the last catalog. However, there are a few new items towards the end.
  6. Can you upload any of the new items to give us a taste? :drool:
  7. Will you share those pic's of the new bags? I haven't fallen in luv with anything in the current catalog.
  8. I got a copy of the new catalog the other day - it has the Mimi glasses on the front. Basically it is the same as the last catalog (with the layout changed around) and some new patchwork pieces which are UG-ly. Nothing inspiring ...
  9. I always look forward to new catalogs and new pieces and pictures just to find out it's the same as the last just switched around. LOL
  10. I love patchwork! What does it look like?
  11. LOL I still haven't been sent the last catalog! UGH I need to get the new one too!

  12. The one that was released in Japan??? I LOVE that bag. It's so odd looking, but I wanted it so bad. Oh I hope that's the one.
  13. Yes, that one.
  14. Cool ... thanks for the info!
  15. Thanks for letting us all in on the new and up coming goods. I need this catalogue!!