New catalogue in japanese site - here also pics of New Ergos etc.

  1. wow i'm totally loving the violet/khaki wallets!!!! cant waitt!!!!
  2. I love those wallets to and the violet embossed french purse wallets also!
  3. I love that magenta color in that wallet!
  4. oooh!I love the wallets!
  5. I would love the wallet in the Ergo Tote !
    Does someone know about this ?

  6. Its in the catalog that is out is shown in brown and the style# is 41075.
  7. Ooo, red leather Bleeker checkbook wallet...oooooo...
  8. Thank you !!
  9. No problem I have been lusting after the pond tote since someone posted it
    this last week and then I was looking in the catalog and saw that wallet.
    Its supppostly coming out in next floor set . Some one said its on backorder right now the reg size one. When we can order this I want to get the reg. size tote and the wallet.
  10. I love these colors. Anyone know what scarf is tied to the 2nd bag?
  11. If you guys click on the pictures it will send you to the items page and it shows the item numbers and all the different colors. I tried this for the all the violet wallets.
  12. I am really starting to LOVE the pond patent ergo. I would want the large one... It's ok to have turquoise and pond ergos right?

    Thanks for posting this!
  13. Thanks so much for posting this! I love all the new things comming out.
  14. For those who want the patent Ergo tote, the item number is 11012.