New Catalog

  1. Anyone received the new catalog yet? My SA at the outlet told me it is out and she is holding one for me in case mine doesn't come in the mail this week. She said they have more Legacy stripe items, but they aren't in fabric so they can be protected! I bought the Katy, haven't used it yet because I'm afraid of ruining it. Based on what they replace it with, I may return and get the new one.
  2. hmmm...wonder what it's made of then?

  3. I thought it wasn't coming out until the end of the month? Now I'll be watching the mail like a hawk...
  4. I was just in a store today and they didn't have the new ones yet.
  5. Well, my outlet has them. Maybe they aren't supposed to be giving them out yet? Last week at the boutique they told me end of the month too. And hasn't been updated with these new legacy stripe items. I think I may stop by there tomorrow since she has a catalog set aside for me.
  6. Yeah, they get them before they're supposed to be put out. I know I got to see the catalog with the Carly's in it way before they were sent out, because I worked at an outlet. But now I don't have the hook up anymore. It sucks. *L*
  7. One SA told me they would be available last week, but I went in and another SA looked at me like I was crazy, so...I am hoping it will be out soon.

  8. im still waiting for mine!!!
  9. Someone post pics when they get theirs! I'm so anxious to see it
  10. If i pick it up tomorrow, will try to get details of new stuff posted by the end of the week.
  11. I haven't gotten mine yet either... :sad:

    Maybe this is a good thing...I'm getting the insane urge to buy SOMETHING! ANYTHING!
  12. I sent for one on the site this weekend. Hopefully I get it soon :smile:
  13. the new legacy items will be in canvas

    the stripe itself is not determined...looks like watercolors when you see it.

    very vintage? like

    the catalogs are already sent to the stores but we're not allowed to pass them out. so whoever is lucky enough to get one before please post (*i'm thinking krispin) as i can't w/o camera.
  14. Oh wow! I went in tonight to pick up my black sig Ergo tote and I saw the new catalog! It was a quick peek... they wouldn't let me bring one home. Very beautiful... SO spring! I'm really liking the green signature. There was this little coin purse.. looks kinda like a fruit slice... I think it was called Pink Flower Coin Purse something... SO CUTE! If someone gets their hands on this catalog, POST PICS PLEASE! There was a straw tote with little different colored lozenges/hangtags hanging from the trim/top? of the bag. The new stripe colors are much like pastels. Because it was a quick flip-through, I remember seeing a yellow bag (I think someone mentioned that already), something orange (I think it was a scarf) and the tote with the little perfume bottles on it... not really what I expected.

    Ok, so I don't explain things well... hopefully someone posts pics soon!
  15. Ooooh GREEN! I can't wait to see! Thanks for the heads up, so_femme!