New Catalog

  1. I just received something I had ordered from the website for my fiance and there is a new catalog in it! It seems that everything in it is the same from the last one but the last few pages it has the ugly bag with the turnlocks all over it, the resort collection totes and that lily looking clutch thats woven. Cute stuff but not for me. Good thing i'm on a ban!!
  2. Ooo, would you mind posting pics of the new catalog?
  3. Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner. I could take picture of it and will try to tonight but we're busy this evening and I work tomorrow so I will try to do it sometime this weekend! Sorry, i'm no help! Maybe someone else will come along and post it before I have a chance!
  4. I picked up that catalog last week in my store and was disappointed that there was really nothing new in it, just the same stuff as the previous catalog, with the few exceptions noted above. Sorry I cant post the photos either, but you're not missing anything w/this catalog.