New Catalog Question

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  1. Some of the items say in stores as of Feb.

    but others don't say anything. Does anyone know when the non-feb. designated items hit stores??

    I don't like to order on line and I really want this one bag.

  2. My guess is they should be out Dec 26, technically when the new catalog is released. Most of those items are available now by calling JAX, or your store can order it for you.
  3. i was in a boutique today and specifically asked about the new wristlet and minnie skinny that is khaki sig with the light pink stripe down the center. There are also bags in this combo...anyway, i was told that while they are in the current new catalog for spring they wont be in the floor set until end of jan....
    but a few people here have already ordered the calling JAX would be the best thing
  4. Yes I ordered the tote as long as you have the style # just call Jax they can help you!