New Catalog out??

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  1. Is there a new catalog out right now? Or is it just the one with the little photographs on the front? Seems funny that the scarf print is out without a catalog that it appears in.

    I didn't want to miss picking up the catalog if it was out.

  2. I didn't see a new catalog the last time I went in.

    I'm surprised they didn't include the scarf print, but I always end up finding things I love that aren't in the catalog.

    I"m guessing that we'll see another catalog at the end of June/early July.....

    I can't wait to see if there are new Carly or Ergo tote styles!
  3. I picked up a new catalog from the store on Sunday. If I am remembering correctly, there was a woman with a huge hat on the cover?
  4. Oh I have to run and get one. :yes: I want to make sure I have the latest one...

    Thanks for the info!
  5. Actually the one with the photographs and the one with the woman in the huge hat are almost identical catalogs, they just have different covers. Shhhh. :flowers:
  6. You know, I thought they looked identical.....
  7. Yep, I saw that too...
  8. I saw the new patchwork carly today - it has little flower applicas on it - ruined it for me.
  9. I hate it when they do that! :tdown:
  10. Maybe it wasn't a huge hat after all....maybe it was huge sunglasses and huge straw purse. I just saw her picture on Anyway, it is still the same catalog, just a different cover (which is great for those catalog collectors out there).
  11. i'm insatiable, i want new things and new catalogs already. i guess the new stuff out now just doesn't do it for me.
  12. I signed up for a catalog and haven't recieved one yet. I want one. :sad:
  13. I guess I have to make a trip to my store.