New catalog on!!!

  1. Very pretty. It makes me think about the holidays.
  2. I picked up one of these catalogs last week. Very pretty...the new Raisin color is TDF IRL. Its SO PRETTY! I'm not even a purple kind of girl but I really like it. :smile:
  3. Oo I request a catalog thru them couple weeks ago! and I received it about 2 days ago and it was that catalog there! I didn't know that was the new one! How cool! :biggrin:
  4. Wow...I think my heart just skipped a beat....:love: Thanks kat for posting!!!!
  5. OMG!!!!!

    The Lily and holiday tote look so good!!!
  6. i saw it a few days ago.. its pretty
  7. I want me a snowman key fob!
  8. i saw it in the store yesterday...