New Cash/Silk shawl designs?? Anyone??

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  1. OK, I NEED another cashmere/silk H shawl (or two). I wear them to death in Winter....however, I didn't like anything in my store on Saturday (bloody Brides de Gala AGAIN), and I don't really like any of the designs on the H website. I DO like Sur Tapis un Volant, but have only seen it in a vibrant red/orange colourway, which doesn't suit me. Does anyone know what the new (if there ARE any?) cashmere/silk shawl designs are? Or does the flying carpet come in another colourway?

    I'm talking the 140cm x 140cm, by the way.

  2. i think has a bunch....
  3. GF, the Tapis GM does come in several other colorways. There is an elegant black and gold colorway (I saw one of these about a week ago at the Houston boutique) and I have the royal blue bordered colorway (will try and get picture to you; they are so hard to photograph given their size). I recall that it came in a couple of other colorways as well. I did not happen to notice any new designs for the spring/summer 2007 season the last time I was in the boutique though.
  4. I sawone with polar bears on it in DC...a bit too cute

    What kind of designs are you looking for? I am assuming you have all the fish ones :smile:
  5. ^LOL....yes...I DO have a raspberry pink GF, and a GFII in navy (which is usually at my Mums, because it suits her and not me....blah!

    I LOVE the intricate designs in the big shawls - the Flying Carpet, Pierres de Occident...that kind of thing...busy designs! Large designs (like GFII) don't look as good on me, I'm kinda petite!
  6. Thanks Mag!!

    I gotta hunt this one down...I LOVE this design....shoulda bought more of this in the silk twills, too......hmmm....

    There was a cream/taupe colourway of Sur Tapis in the silk twill - I'd LOVE that in cashmere!
  7. ^ I LOVE Le Tarot!! I'd like it in pink...can you still get it in the stores? I haven't seen it for AGES.
  8. OMG! They did Libres Comme L'air in a shawl?????????

    Why oh WHY doesn't MY store ever have these?????

    Has anyone seen Libres in their store?

  9. LOL..."here puss, puss, puss...!"

    I secretly think that cat has endured many hours and years of training to be such a fine, performance animal.:roflmfao:

    I know what you mean, though...I can happily pay the $850 at the store for it, but buggered if I'll pay the same on eBay!! There was a pavements in pink not long ago that I was out bid on at $900 - that's as high as I was prepared to go, and I LOST it - UGH.....
  10. Madison has:

    Jungle Love in black
    Tohu Bohu in potiron/multi and pale turquoise/multi
    Vie du Grand Nord in potiron/multi and taupe/multi
    Tout en Carre in pastel pinks and light browns, dark blues, or bright orange/red/bright green; and
    a zodiac print (don't remember the name) in orange/white

    possibly more, but I wasn't really paying attention
  11. Thanks Gina!!!!!!
  12. oh! And they also had a really busy print with lots of little (American) indians all over it - don't know the name of that one either, but it was in red/multi and a sort of pale green (although I may have been hallucinating that last color)