new Casey Runway bag

  1. hey girls,

    i have a little delimma and I figured you guys could help me out. Here goes:

    LV store called and left me a message today and said they have 1 bag from the runway show that came in today. It is called the Casey. They said it could be mine but I have to call within 24 hrs or it will be released for sell? They said I can give me Credit Card over the phone for purchase with in the 24 hr time frame. Here is the problem: I am out of town with no LV store anywhere near so I have no idea what this bag looks like and I cannot find a pic on line. I was wondering if any of you know what this bag looks like? I hate to buy something without ever seeing it and I know it would be a very $$$$ bag since it is from the runway. I also don't want to let such a special bag go, but i just can't lay out so much $$$ without ever seeing it

    Advice please :confused1:
  2. is it the casey taylor bag from the mens line?
  3. Wow!!! That Is Gorgeous!
  4. ^^ thats the one i was referring to taco,
  5. ooooo i like it!!! may i ask how much? i think you should get it!! it would be something not a lot of people have and its looks very practical...:heart:
  6. Thanks guys, I will call the store and ask tomorrow for some more info
  7. I googled it as soon as I read your post, all it took was having the whole name. It's yummy!, but you already knew that:lol:
  8. i really doubt this is the bag the SA was refering to. Casey just happens to be the male model in the photo. it's probably one of the new Embossed Monogram bags for 2006 instead.
  9. Oooh, which one DD? The embossed leather are so gorgeous & they remind me of the Matt line that I missed out on.
  10. One of these maybe:

  11. Thanks Michelle I thinh=k we had a thread with names & prices for these bags. I think Sophia may have posted them... off to search.
  12. wow! that is a HOT bag (the first pic posted). you should definitely go for it if you havent already!
  13. Is is possible you could call one of the boutiques (any boutique) and ask them to email you pics? Surely they would.