new carviar gst or the old caviar?


gst with new carviar or old carviar?

  1. new washed carviar

  2. old carviar

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  1. I've been thinking of getting a black gst with gold hardware, and i read from the forum that there's a new washed carviar now which will soon replace all the old carviar. I haven't seen the new carviar IRL yet, and unfortunately, the only NM here that carries chanel don't have any of the new carviar bags in stock, so ladys please help me here, which do you prefer? gst with the old carviar leather while i can still find one or the new washed carviar?
  2. I still prefer the older caviar.....I have it in GST, love mine dearly~
  3. i have both and i cant decide..

    new caviar is super soft but not sure if it will hold up for a s long as old caviar..

    old caviar is very stiff to carry and i think heavier...
  4. Good luck finding the old caviar with gold hardware. Saks has none and I've heard a few tpf girls grabbed the last ones at NM about a month ago?
  5. I need to see the new caviar in person.
    I have several GST's in the old caviar that - I totally LOVE!
  6. ^Ya, back in late Dec. when I went to purchase my GST w/ gold hw (old shiny caviar) from Chanel they were out. They placed a order for me and it was going to come from Hawaii...

    Then dh went and found it for me (Dec. 24) at NM and we canceled the Hawaii order.:tup:


    To the OP....

    I :heart: and prefer the "old shiny" caviar!! :love:

    GL!!!!!! Hope you're able to find what you're looking for!! ;)

  7. one of the many places i called today actually have couple of the old carvier with gold hardware in stock:upsidedown:
  8. Saks in Beverly Hills had one there today when I was there :smile:
  9. I love the new washed soft!
  10. That's funny because my Saks SA was just in NY last week and there were NONE in the entire Saks system. Maybe someone returned it to BH. Otherwise, why would I post that statement? I got it straight from a Saks SA, who I guess would know better than us?!

    Otherwise, Saks already has a "list" of people who have wanted that bag since before Christmas, who can't get it.
  11. :confused1:

    I'm not sure what you're saying here?
    I sure would appreciate someone helping me find a bag and Its nice if we all try to help each other --
    Maybe its a return - I don't know.

    I'm not sure how to answer your question - "why would I post that statement? I got it straight from a Saks SA, who I guess would know better than us?"
  12. I'm always extremely happy when a fellow TPF'er helps me find a bag that's hard to get. Sometimes the SA's really don't know better then us. I was told I would never find the card holder I was looking for by a Saks SA, and she checked the system. Sold out, she said. I went home the same day and after about 15 phone calls, I found one, and yes, it was at a Saks.
  13. Me too!

    I was told my GST Bourdeux was totally sold out and then by chance a s/a who was more of a floating s/a
    (not really assigned to the Chanel dept)
    bought one out for me and that was a Saks.
  14. Yes this happens all the time! One SA will say something, but it might not be 100% accurate. This happened to me earlier this week and boy was I super lucky there was another SA just walking by!!! My SA said there was none in stock, but the other SA knew where one was in the back as she walked by. Your totally right on Lady chinadoll... :tup:
  15. would the ones priced at US1895 be the old caviar which is more shiny? im currently watching one on eBay and would prefer the mre sturdy shiny caviar