*NEW* Cartier Small Juste un Clou with Diamonds


Jun 11, 2007
So pretty! Is that the yellow gold? I ordered it in the pink gold! Do you love it? Mine won’t ship until next week! Gorgeous stack you have! Congratulations!

Thanks!!! Mine is pink gold (my other love is also pink gold but I know it looks yellow gold - it’s old haha). I absolutely love it!! I have the regular juc too, and I prefer this one because it’s lighter/ easier to take off and on than the juc. Share a pic when you get yours!
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Sep 2, 2020
Yes...I was looking at your pic a little closer after I commented and thought it was maybe the pink gold...beautiful!
I have the small JUC yellow gold no diamonds (the diamond version wasn’t available when I bought mine) and love it! Easy to put on and off! More comfortable than any of my Love’s...3 small’s or my 1 classic! Hoping my 2 small JUC’s will look good together. Would love the regular size JUC as I know they would stack more beautifully but I know I won’t wear it as much as the small version which I wear 24/7 and honestly love more than my Love’s as far as comfort and stackability! Your stack is beautiful...enjoy!