New Carly pouch in leather ?

  1. I'll move this to Coach for you . . . .

    If you'll try and only post Coach related topics in Coach, that would be great. The reason your PCE thread was deleted by Vlad is because you also posted that in Handbags & purses while the Coach Forum has an entire sub-Forum specifically for PCE.
  2. Are you serious about this? Because I wanted the Carly pouch in black leather but had to get it in signature because they didn't have pops up on the drilldown under #40343.

    Hmm I wonder if my store can get it for me and I can just exchange...
  3. Well I don't know if it actually exist. I hope so. I like it. I am guessing it will be around $240. Maybe it will come out later in the year. Let me know if you find out something about it.
  4. isnt this old??? it came out last year i think?? i remember the black one...
  5. ^If it's not a new item then I'm not gonna get mad, because I do like my sig Carly pouch, I just prefer leather. It's cute though!
  6. OMG I hope so!!