New Carly Color!

  1. Alright, ladies, there are new Carly colors coming!

    They'll be out in late August, according to my manager-- around the time of our NEXT floor move, I think. But my manager has been kinda crazy lately after that trip to Boca so I'm gonna say be looking for them this fall..


    RED CARLY! A leather one.

    AND.... Khaki/Red! Like the Khaki/Black one out now.

    I can't wait to see them!

    More info when I get it :smile:
  2. I saw pics of these yesterday in my local boutique...that khaki/chili (red) is HOT!!!!
  3. Uh-uh! SHUT YO MOUTH!
  4. uuugh why can't i get a NAVY one?! Red will be hot in leather, though!!
  5. HMMMMM...imagine khaki/navy!!!! That would look GORGEOUS too! I LOVE navy blue!!! :tup:
  6. I can't wait to see a red Carly - I think I would be all over it!!!!
  7. :sweatdrop: I can't wait to see this!!
  8. Sounds cute! Thanks for the info!
  9. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
    I can't wait to lay my hands upon this!
  10. I did not care for the red leather carly but the khaki sig with red was sharp
  11. Red LEATHER? My, oh, my. Maybe I should start saving up!
  12. red leather? *thud*
  13. i'm drooling over here :drool:

    red carly...i must have her...:drool:
  14. Ohhhhhhh!I want both......:drool:
  15. I hope the red leather one has contrasting trim, either brown or black!!!