New Career , new clothes !

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  1. Hi , I just started a new career as a Real Estate Sales Rep in a small town near Waterloo Ontario, I would like some sugguestions of some office attire that I can wear outsIide of work as well. I am only 24 so I want to still look young and fun but professional. Thanks girls
  2. I'm in my early 20's as well and am trying to develop a wardrobe that works for both work and casual. If the dress at your office is business casual (I am assuming), try to look for coordinates instead of full-on suits. Depending on your budget, there are tons of options!

    For example, you can get a tweed jacket (my favorite) which can be worn in the office with black slacks, or out to dinner with some dark denim. Also you can't have enough nice cardigans, which can be worn over blouses both at the office and on the weekends.
  3. you could get couple of suits with skirts for the more professional looks. Dior has amazingly sexy suits. Also you could get couple of dresses that are professional looking but also so modern. In high end, we have great options like Roland Mouret, McQueen, Dior, Victoria Beckham; or Black Halo, Calvin Klein, etc. And if you wanna steal the looks from menswear, YSL is the way to go. i love girls wearing dresses and skirts. It is nice for them to wear pants but I think girls look more girly and sexy in dresses and skirts.
  4. Banana Republic & Club Monaco! Have fun shopping! :biggrin: