New card case - undecided on color. Advice please!

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What to do with dark green card holder?

  1. Return it

  2. Keep it

  1. I received my brand new Saint Laurent Loulou card case today in the dark green with silver hardware. Green is my favorite color so when I saw this on the YSL website I pre ordered it immediately. It got here today and I can’t tell if I love the green because it is dark and not in your face or if I’m wishing it was “more” green. What do you all think? Keep it because it isn’t in your face green making it more versatile or return it?
  2. if you don't love it then return it. since it's a small SLG, i don't think you need to get "versatile" colors since it's just a wallet! I actually think it's more fun to get bright pops of color since it's such a small piece-not such a huge a big green purse? haha
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  3. I love forest green and I’d keep it! But then again if you don’t like the colour, return it and get something you love!
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  4. I think it's a beautiful shade of Green. It has enough colour but it's also dark enough to pass as a neutral. If you're unsure of it then that's a sign that you don't like it and therefore, you should return it and find something that will make your heart sing. HTH!
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  5. I am going to keep it! I carried it around to see what it looked like in different lighting and decided I love that it isn't a bold green. It pairs really well with my existing SLG collection. It is enough green to stand out on its own but not too green that it looks electric or chaotic :smile:
    I agree with nashpoo, I think pops of colors in SLGs is the way to go!! Now to find more...haha!!
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