New car options

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  1. 2002 porsche with low miles good buy or??? If you want to recommend any other used cars up to 10,000 please feel free I'm also considering the BMW Z4 but I still don't know. Bear with me people im balling on a budget
  2. What kind of Porsche? Depends if it has had the maintenance kept up to date and your accessibility to a mechanic that charges a reasonable rate. It is worth doing a search of problems that a particular model has a history of. There are lots of Porsche forums that have great info.
  3. Honestly, on a tight budget, I'd rather go for reliability than name, unless if you know how to do the mechanical work yourself (or have someone who will do it for free). Parts are going to be expensive on most European vehicles, let alone the labor cost. Basic maintenance like belts, shocks, struts, and brakes are going to cost a bit, not including if anything breaks. You're looking at potentially doubling that price in 3-5 years putting work into it.
  4. Being able to afford a Porsche is two things...the initial price AND the future maintenance. Even if you have an inexpensive mechanic, the parts are super pricey.

    Read and learn (There's NO WAY you can get a 996 Carrera for 10K, so I'm assuming you're wanting a Boxster/Cayman and even those are had to find for 10K):

    The Bimmer is a better option if you can find a well maintained example. The inline sixes are pretty solid. Parts are still a tad pricey.

    I'd recommend Audi. Perhaps an older TT or A4 convertible? Their parts are gonna be a bit less costly cause they're used in VWs, Skodas, even Bugattis and Lambos. I had a 2003 A4 for a few years and the only issue was a bad fuel pump.

    What about a Honda S2000??
  5. .

    Porsche is more reliable than BMW in my opinion .. I've had both... And I hated my BMW. It was a 2009 BMW 3 series coupe (I had it in 2012) my last car was a 2010 Porsche Panamera and my current car is a 2014 panamera. Check out the graph I've attached... Porch has less reported problems than BMW.

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  6. Oh maybe I should have mentioned I only plan on keeping the car for about 2 years so I'm not really thinking about long term

  7. Thank you I definitely will check into an Audi
  8. Even still, are you prepared to spend half that amount in the next two years to maintain and fix it if something goes wrong? In addition to it being low-mileage, has the appropriate maintenance been done, like the timing belt, brakes, etc.? How did the previous owners drive it? If they drove like it's meant to be driven and tuned it after every drive, that's one thing, but if they were just rough with it and did nothing because they rarely used it, it could be a problem.

    The older a car, the higher likelihood there will be problems. You may get lucky, but if not, it will be expensive to fix and old car problems tend to get worse, not better.
  9. Thank you. I've been looking for this chart. Youre awesome👍🏻👏🏻😊