New car color selection help!

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  1. Ok, I was in an accident and wrecked my bimmer, so I'm now getting a new Mini Cooper S. We're going to order it next week and I need help picking a color since I'm so indecisive. Here are my choices so please help me!

    Red w/ black roof
    Black w/ black roof
    gray w/ gray roof
    blue w/ black roof
  2. red with black roof

  3. ^^ I agree!!
  4. RED!!! This is my dream car! I'm jealous!
  5. :heart: that red, myself:yes: The coop is real cute.
  6. i agree! red w/black roof is sooooooo hot!~
  7. I love red cars, so there's my vote!

    Funny aside about Mini-Coopers, believe it or not our pizza delivery guy has around 12 of them, even a few with the steering wheel on the right. The REALLY hysterical part of all this is that he always coordinates his athletic shoes with the color of the Mini he's driving on any given day. Sometimes I think we order a pizza just to see his cars/shoes!! :roflmfao:
  8. i prefer black on black, but then again I have a red magnum, so go figure.
  9. I vote for red too! Make sure you post pics of it when you get it. I love Mini's!! I'm gonna get one for my next car.
  10. Oh, I want a red mini cooper with a black roof so badly! Both of my previous cars have been red, and I plan on keeping with red on all future car purchases.
  11. I love the Red Mini BUT I saw a gray one the other day and it looked FANTASTIC!! :yahoo: So I'd say either one of them :yes:
  12. Blue w/black roof.
  13. I'd say the gray or the blue.:yes:
  14. Rred with Black >> stands out more! "hey look at me"

    Or my new fav color in cars is

  15. I vote black with black roof or red with black roof.