New Canvas Lily..

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  1. How the he:censor:l did I miss this the first time I flipped through the catalog??????

  2. i'm predicting another lily being added to your collection in the NEAR future
  3. That is a pretty good prediction!
  4. Gorgeous! :drool:
  5. Has anyone seen this one IRL? Is it much lighter than leather Lily?

  6. That is so pretty!
  7. It's cute, but I'm thinking the canvas would be hard to keep clean.:tdown:
  8. I was surprised the canvas Lily is priced the same as the leather ones...:tdown:
  9. I think it's absolutely gorgeous! Definitely on my spring PCE list, if they'll let me order it!!
  10. That definitely surprised me as well.
  11. It is very vintage looking. I think it would look great with a tattersall scarf
  12. I'm a big fan of LIly but I'm afraid the canvas would get too dirty for me.:confused1:And priced the same as the leather!!!
  13. Cute, but canvas gets dirty easily. I remember the canvas Andrea I saw at the outlet. It does get smudges very easily, I'd rather have the leather. But the canvas is VERY spring-looking and absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see this at the store IRL.
  14. I think I will have to see this IRL to see if I like it. I am not in love with it but who knows!
  15. Hopefully, it's not as heavy as the leather Lily's.