New Cannelle Paddy

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone really likes this color?
    I had it sent from Nordstrom, and it's kind of an odd color. I love my Red Paddy, so this one might need to go back!
  2. Hi!
    Well, red paddies are really gorgeous bags... canelle is a different kind of colour, maybe more classic... different, anyways.
    It's a matter of taste, so it's just your decision.
    Try it on and look at the final effect. If you don't fall in love, better if she goes back :yes:
  3. Thanks Babi,
    I will try with jeans and a dress or two. I will be going to Malibu today, so I'll get some ideas down there.
    Lots of cool bags there!
    I love the pic of your dog, what kind?
  4. I bought a mini paddy in canelle and didn't like it at all. The bag I got looked pinkish to me. Everyone else who had the canelle really liked theirs, so I wasn't sure if the leather on the bag I got was just wierd, but I had to send it back. Just wasn't 100% happy with it.
  5. oh dear and i just ordered one from Canoga park an hour ago.
    now i'm not so sure.
    joann , the SA held it for me...

    By the way, where did you get your red one? what was the exact name of the color? is it from 2007?
    can you post pictures? thanks
    i have been wanting a red one for so long.. i guess forget about the sale huh>> bec. i know the red one never goes on sale?

    what do you think of the olive east west one?
  6. Hi, I actually don't care for the Canelle color. I did get the Red Paddy from Nordstrom on sale.
    There is a Tan Front pocket Paddy at Brea Nordies
    Call-714-529-0123 ext. 1250 ask for Karyn.
    I bet it's a prettier color than Canelle.
    By the way if anyone finds a white or ivory med. satchel paddy, can you let me know???
  7. I can post pics if anyone can tell me how. I have a Mac and tried to download and it says download failed!!!
    It was 06 rouge. Actually there were a couple of Reds on sale. I will post it if I find any.:smile:
  8. oh please.. if you find a medium paddington in red on sale anywhere.. hold it right away for anna and you can even send me a private message.
    i will do the same for you..

    for the meantime, what do you think of the olive color in the bugatti style? the east west as they call it? thanks
  9. Hi, i will look out for you! I did see a Red Paddy on Overstock, but it was the front pocket...I think it was 999.00
    As far as the Bugatti, I think it might be a bit big...
    It depends on your needs for stuff. I noticed with my paddy , I have scaled wayyyyy down on my stuff. I think about what i really need for the day. Otherwise it might get too heavy.
    I have a Chocolate front pocket paddy that I haven't worn yet, and I'm nervous it may be too heavy with my stuff , since it is heavier than the med.satchel.
    They have a gorgeous Silver Paddy on Overstock, which i was tempted by, but who knows how long we can wear silver. I wear alot of browns and greens....
    I always look at for photos of bags that I am interested in. They have good pics.