New camera...

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  1. what dc did you get?
  2. Wow, it takes great pics! I have the mini pleaty too. Thank goodness I didn't sell it. Can I have that $20? J/K :lol:
  3. *Reads from box* Nikon COOLPIX L3. It was a great price at Best Buy about 200.
  4. LOL I didn't notice the cash in the pic until you told me. lol :amuse: *Lends you 20* hehe Yeah, the mini pleaty is pretty cool. I was surprised how much it can hold. I also like that it's a shoulder bag. Rare for LV. hehe
  5. I'm jealous. The sony Joe bought for me just decided to take a dive today! The pics you took are fabulous. I need a new camera!
  6. i think the pics have turned out great!!!! :smile:
  7. Thanks for the $20! :lol:
  8. Thanks. Take yourself and Joe to Best Buy, I :love: BB, always good prices. :amuse: I'm glad the pics are coming out good and it was easy to use. I'm a tech dumby hehe
  9. Thank you. :amuse: I'm so glad it was easy to take em and share. I'm a tech dingbat.
  10. Welcome, hun. Better put it towards a purse or cles. ;)
  11. :lol:
  12. Pursluva,

    First off, GREAT pics!

    Then, I have to ask...I guess I am showing my Nanna status again...but who is that in your Avatar?
    It has been driving me crazy! :wacko:
  13. Great deal and nice pics! Congratulations!
  14. Thanks! :amuse: You guys are making me feel great. My pictures with regular cams are usually :sick:. hehe I love with this, you can see them afterwards and delete if :sick:.

    Awww, don't feel old. My avatar is of the character Alex de Large from Stanley Kubric's A Clockwork Orange played by Malcolm McDowell. It's a good movie and book. I recommend you rent it sometime. It makes you think but some of the stuff in it is a little :weird:. So, don't rent if violence makes you :sick:. I like your avatar. It makes me go awwww. hehe