New Camellia wallet options

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  1. I absolutely love the camellia print and wanted a wallet which has been hard to find. I finally found it close by at bloomies. They have the black in zip and red in yen. I love the red but do not see that wallet being very functional. Which would you pic? View attachment 3415047 View attachment 3415048
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469041837.294465.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469041847.717386.jpg
  3. 1 of each??? :giggle: the red is so pretty, like a true red!! my vote is for the red! i don't own any chanel wallets so i can't comment on function but hoping some ladies who have experience with both can chime in soon!
  4. Just curious, why do u say the red is less functional? Do you see cardholders in this prints? TIA!!
  5. I would go with the black. Chanel's zip wallets are great, but I am not a fan of the yen style. I have both and love the zip, and have used the yen once. The yen style drove me crazy with not having any kind of closure....
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  6. i would also go with black zip. i have a black camellia large zip and love it. the red is gorgeous! but the yen style seems more manly to me... a weird way to describe it, but there is no closure, like most mens wallets, so i agree with the function being more limited, or at least you might perceive it that way. i can't stand my money and cards not being secure.
  7. That is a great way to describe it manly! I totally agree. I ordered the black and also a quilted red lambskin so we'll see which one I like better.
  8. The yen is more of a fold over wallet if that makes sense it doesn't have a closure
  9. Both gorgeous. I would go for the black.
  10. Black zippy
  11. My black wallet just came and unfortunately there is a small stain on the inside. The outside is perfect no marks and is nice and puffy. I already text my sa and the only other one in the company has a mark on the front. Should I just keep it or send back? View attachment 3416452
  12. I can't seem to see your picture ...
  13. IMG_1469137077.815864.jpg i don't know why it sometimes does that. Sorry picture is blurry-it was hard to take with just one hand.
  14. I would definitely rather have a mark on the fabric then on the outside, but then again you're paying a premium price for something that is not perfect. If you're buying from the boutique it should be perfect, inside and outside. I'm not sure what I would do, my first reaction would be to return it, but if there's no other out there and I really really wanted the wallet, I might just keep it, ooooo but then again I'm not sure. I think you're the only one that can decide on this matter. Please let us know what you end up deciding.
  15. So the red lambskin came and I thought it was with silver hardware but it's hold. Not sure to send both back or keep one. IMG_1469558838.833359.jpg
    I love the camellia but think the black zipper makes it look cheap. The red bothers me bc it's not silver. I feel bad sending them both back.