new camel coin purse *pics*

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have just received my new camel coin purse in the mail. Here she is! The leather is nice and thick, but a little dry so I'm going to give her a wipe with some Coach leather moisturiser. She's small but fits quite a lot in:smile: .
    coinpurseandbox.jpg backofcoinpursesm copy.jpg fullcoinpursesm copy.jpg
  2. So Cute!
  3. Very cute!!! I have one coming in INK! :yes:
  4. Lovely! If you don't mind me asking how much are they?
  5. Thanks everyone! Queenvictoria, the ink will be so cute in this style! Girlie, this one cost me $400 Australian dollars, but the US retail price is a bit cheaper at US$285.
  6. Great coin purse, but how does it come that`s still so full.

    Maybe it`s better so u can buy more Balenciaga`s:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  7. Love the color!
  8. awe i LOVE it!

    isn't it amazing how much you can fit in something so little?
  9. adorable!:love:
  10. So Cute!
  11. Serious :drool: :drool: :drool: , like a big lump of chewy caramel! Yuuuuuuummmmmmmm!
  12. Thank you! Soooooo tempting!

  13. I AGREE!!!!!!!!! Well said Deco!!!!!!!!! Love this!!!!!:love: YUM!:love:
  14. Hellooo, cutie! What an adorable little coin purse. Congrats!
  15. love coin purses!
    they're so cute! & they appear to fit a lot which I love. hmm...maybe i should purchase one soon! Another thing to add to the never ending 'want list'