New Calfskin Bowler - what fits?

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  1. I'm wondering if this bag is worth getting... but it depends on what fits. can anyone tell me? i know the medium is 2195, but what about for the other sizes? thanks!
  2. I can't see your pic. Can you use our Manage Attachments or Paperclip icon to attach it instead of linking it?
  3. [​IMG] are you able to see this one?
  4. sorry another question... are the handles on the harder side or the softer side? meaning if it sits on the crook of your arm, will it hurt from hard handles? thx.
  5. It's not massive if I remember correctly, but I don't know if there's different sizes{?}
    I'd guess from memory it's comparable size-wise to the Med Luxe Bowler.
    No the handles weren't hard, firm but not at all hard.
  6. I think that one is $1895. I was debating between that and the baby cabas and I'm leaning towards the cabas now, but only because I have too many hand-held bags. The bowler is sooo cute. It seemed roomy enough when I saw it in person. I love the little ears!
  7. what is the leather like? it's calfskin i understand but can it take a normal beating. i'm not rough with my bags, but i'm wondering how much it can take and if it's scratches easily.
  8. I have 2 calfskin bags and the leather sems to be very durable. I REALLY wear my bags, am not overly cautious at all - grocery store, kids may step on in the car, daily wear, etc. . . .
    mine still are pristine! :biggrin:
  9. The one I returned had a durable(not too distressed) leather. Similar to the coco cabas. I will search the thread and see if I can find where I posted a photo of it.
  10. that would be great... but why did you return yours?

  11. I returned it because it did not make a chanel statement for the money. I love handheld bags but this seemed blah when I carried it. The coco cabas and the doctors bag seem to say chanel IMO.

    Maybe because I had it in black.

    I was in Palm Beach Florida for Thanksgiving and I saw it in a coral color and it looked beautiful. IMO this bag looks better in color.
  12. yeah, i see what you mean, which is why i definitely was not thinking black... if handheld, then i'd go for the lady braid in black... there's more to it.

    i was thinking the round bowler in the dark beige since i don't have a color like it. casual but chanel at least.

  13. I agree the lady braid definitely has better eye appeal in black.
  14. went to the boutique today and saw the three colors it's available in... dark beige (luggage), deep brown and black. i think the deep brown showed the best texture of the bag, and yes, psycho that i am, purchased it. the black was ok, not bad, but there's better chanel black bags, and the luggage color wasn't me. it's a nice throw around bag, very casual for chanel. i like it so far....
  15. Does anyone have a color pic of that bag?