New Calf-line bag in white or Bottega in off-white? Plus pic

  1. I ended up returning the metallic black bowler and exchanging it for the reissue 226 in black which i adore! but the new fall line calf skin bag really caught my eye. should i get the bag pictured below in the white color or should mix it up a bit and get a off-white bottega small woven bag? since i am on the chanel forum, alot of you ladies will be biased but please help me make a good decision!! thanks. :flowers:

    edit: added a pic of me and my new reissue :heart: :smile:
    Chanel1.JPG DSC00576.JPG
  2. I absolutely love that sa calls it the diamond stitch ligne...It is one of the things on my list...
  3. Me too, I love the first one!
  4. DEFINITELY the calf flap. I love it soo much that i bought two. I got the larger one shown on the website in the cherry red/bordeaux color and the smaller size in the black. I adore it!.
  5. I had the diamond stitch flap bag in dark red - I hated the awkwardness of it. It is gorgeous, but I didn't like the way it looked when I carried it - it just didn't feel right and felt like it was too long and not high enough. That's JMO about how it fit me, I would keep the flap
  6. I really like the BV woven leather. . . but not as much as that Chanel!
  7. I love the bottega woven bag, I have one in red, it is absolutely stunning. I say go for the bottega bag, but be extra careful with the white color though.
  8. Congrats .. it looks gorgeous on u ..

    OT: r u expecting ? :yahoo:
  9. yes i am! I'm 5 months pregnant :smile:
  10. BV is beautiful! But I'd be so paranoid about the off-white color... Maybe you should go for the Chanel. But they're also different looks. I think the BV can be more casual, depending on the style of the bag... Do you have pics of which BV you're wanting? That could help me give a more "solid" opinion :P
  11. so i decided to buy the BV small woven in off-white. i went to chanel soho today and tried on the calf-skin flap again and it just didn't sit right. i think i rather get the reissue 226 in dark white because i think i might actually get sick of the flap bag.