new cadena for my birkin *pics*

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. that is darling! lucky for you to score that in-demand cadena!

    your birkin is stunning with GH!
  3. :nuts: Love it!!!!! :heart:
  4. What color is that bag? It is beautiful!
  5. gorgeous! thanks for modeling it on your bag for us!
  6. great score, congratulations, it looks so pretty hanging off your gorgeous Birkin
  7. Gorgeous! I need to know what color that is!
  8. I love your birkin, and the cadena looks beautiful! Congratulations!
  9. I think its Brighton Blue! Gorgeous!!!
  10. brighton blue clemence 35 birkin with gold hardware
  11. BEAUTIFUL! May I ask what the Cadena retails for?
  12. So pretty -- thanks for the pictures.
  13. The new 2007 cadena is really lovely. :heart:
  14. Stunning! The gold is gorgeous!!
  15. Gorgeous...both the cadena and the birkin!