New Cabas Mezzo: will it "soften" over time?

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  1. I have a new Cabas Mezzo that my MIL generously gave me.
    My only other LV is an ancient Speedy that belonged to my husband's great aunt. It is nice and slouchy, and I assumed the Mezzo would be the same. Will the monogram canvas soften up with use? Thanks!
  2. Yes, it does. I purchased mine last summer and it is my favorite everyday bag...
  3. It does soften over time! Enjoy.
  4. Thanks ladies!
    Ooooo, I'm so excited this is my first BRAND NEW LV.
    It looks :biggrin: The leather is so pristine and pale.
  5. Congrats on you new baby! Best, aw
  6. Congrats! I'm so excited... alot of our PF members are getting new LVs this whole week!! :lol:
  7. I'll be posting my new baby when I bring her home tomorrow.. although I'll have to hide it for a bit and figure out how to explain away that new charge on my credit card ! :shame:
  8. What did you get? :nuts:
  9. Congratulations on your new purse, Lucrezia!!

    Ayla - what kind did you get?
  10. Just a boring speedy that everyone and their mom has.. but it's finally mine !! :love:

  11. Awww, congrats! I want a Speedy too...but the little black inclusion keychain kind. lol :smile:
  12. :: punch ayla on the arm:: Hey, I don't have one yet! :lol: So a mono speedy? I'm actually thinking of getting the mono instead of the damier later too. My cute mono mini sac is like calling out to me for a "mommy." I'm happy for you ayla! You'll have so much fun with your new LV bag! :love:
  13. Well, you know what to do with the money from the bags that you're selling then ! Join the speedy gonzales club ! ;)
  14. The speedy keychain is so darling.. but the price not so much ! I think having small Vuitton accessories is more a sign of massive amounts of disposable income rather than owning the bags themselves ! The keychains are just immensely priced ! :Push:
  15. Exactly... exactly.. :lol: