New BV's from Hong Kong

  1. Hi All!

    I'm back from my trip to Macau and Hong Kong and just wanted to share a few finds.

    I must say that I enjoyed it very much and have seen so many BV's to lust after :love:

    So many little time.

    Here's my BV loot and a treat for DH for being so kind.


    1/ Milano Club Stripe Montaigne in nero, favorite (corallo) and carmino
    HK BV1.jpg HK BV2.jpg HK BV3.jpg
  2. 2/ Iron Karung Wallet
    HK BV4.jpg HK BV5.jpg HK BV6.jpg HK BV7.jpg
  3. 3/ and last but not least...BV shoes in Ebano for DH

    Many thanks for allowing me to share these with you!:tender:
    HK BV8.jpg HK BV9.jpg
  4. What a loot! The Milano bag is truly striking (action pics!) and the Karung skin on the wallet would make it easier to maintain. Fab shoes for the DH too. Well done!!! :woohoo:
  5. OMG! Your loot is TDF!! rox_rocks!

    I am soooo droooooling.......Cant wait for action pics! Congrats on the great buys!
  6. Great selection! And so sweet of you to think of your DH as well! Thanks for sharing them!
  7. that wallet is gorg!
  8. Wow! What a haul. The shoes are handsome (for a handsome hubby, he must be rather fashionable too to appreciate BVs! :smile:).

    Money well spent, I'm sure.
  9. wow, rox_rocks, those are some fabulous buys!!
    Congrats on the beautiful additions to your collection, we would love to see action pics, especially with you and your montaigne!!
    Also, I'm sure DH is happy to be part of the BV club with those gorgeous shoes (unless he's also already an avid fan?). Really awesome. :yahoo:
  10. rox_rocks: Congratulations!! Love all the purchases! how do you like the wallet? We need some actions pics of you toting all your buys. Please share with us which HK boutique you shopped at while you were there since I would be going home next year.
    Anyone wanna join to meet in HK next year? HK during spring time is pretty comfortable and not too humid. let's have a BV HK meet..and maybe a BV Las Vegas meet too :smile:
  11. rox_rocks: WHAT a haul! Congratulations and DH is one lucky man!

    catabie: I was just thinking of flying to HK to look at the BVs - pricing is MUCH better than Singapore. But I kinda need to get there by Dec.

    Can anyone recommend which BV store I should head for? There were quite a few on the store listing but I was hoping someone could point me to the one with the best range of stuff. Thanks heaps! :s
  12. Great loot! I especially love the wallet!
  13. What an amazing haul! It sounds like you had a fabulous trip. I especially love the wallet. :drool:
  14. Holy smokes you did great at BV!! I am particularly drooling over the karung wallet--I would find myself pulling out my credit card alot just to get a peek at the gold lining!!
  15. both you and your DH have amazing taste!! =) congrats on such great buys!!