New BVs at Bluefly

  1. Bluefly seems to have recently added a fair number of BVs - including some new Campanas, Venetas and Pyramids. If you are looking for something it might be worth checking out... there are definitely some new items to check out there.
  2. I just ordered Large black Veneta:yes::woohoo:
  3. Are you having good luck with them? I ordered the ombre green BV tote and it arrived with awful rubbing and scratching on one of the straps. I returned it. I've ordered 8 bags from them since last summer and kept 3. Of the three, one didn't come with a security tag. Of the 5 that I returned, the most recent didn't arrive with a security tag either, and all five have some defect(s), a bent spy pouch frame, scratches, etc. I love their prices, but I seem to have a black cloud over my head when it comes to BlueFly.
  4. Sorry to hear that jburgh. I've only bought one thing from Bluefly (a carmino Montaigne) and, although it didn't arrive with a security tag, there was no way I was going to return it as it was perfect! I don't recall too many bad experiences from others here with Bluefly, but I suspect anywhere with a return policy is going to end up with some problems like that. It does sound like you have had particularly bad luck with them, though - but for me that black cloud is over my recent eBay purchase, not Bluefly...
  5. Oh no! I just ordered a bag from them...what happened with the one without a tag? Did you have to contact them first? Any problems returning it?
  6. jburgh, I got my noce tote and black new ball bag from BF with no problems. Both had tags and were in pristine condition. I also ordered the medium studded veneta but returned it b/c it was too small...again no problem. They were a little slow in issuing a credit but they were in the middle of inventory. The other day I ordered a Balenciaga wallet as a gift for my should arrive any day. The lack of tags would concern me b/c they will not accept a return without a tag. NAP has the same policy.
  7. BookerMoose, thanks for the heads's always fun to look. I love the red new ball and red large veneta. I see the two orphans are still there at the end of the last page. BTW, I saw a pic of your montaigne collection...they are beautiful!
  8. Yes - it took a couple of days for them to issue an RMA number. I also enclosed a letter outlining the issues on all 8 of my past orders. I hope they get it together, because there are some great bags on there. There is a BV right now that I wish I could get...but I am not going to do it. On the other hand, shoes have never been a problem, or a tie that I got for DH.
  9. Also, does anyone know what colour the "olive" Sloane and "green" Pyramid that are on Bluefly really are - assuming they are even the same colour? I can't recall seeing anything that is even close before - there is Regent but that seems to be more of an apple green and these look more woodsy... although Bluefly pictures are notoriously tricky to tell real colours from. They've been there for a few days and are intriguing me...
  10. I don't have any problems with BF. I ordered 3 bags. All of them were brand new with tags. I returned one. They issued a credit back to my card 2 weeks after I shipped it back.
  11. That's good to know. I ordered the last Grey Sloane. It as in and out of my cart a few times, I'm nervous about authenticity, whether it's really Ferro, and the condition. I feel like it's probably been returned since it seems to be such a coveted bag. We'll see when it comes in...
  12. I just received my Old Petra Sloane from BF which I had ordered 10 days ago. It arrived in good condition and I am very pleased with it! :smile:

    debwonger - congrats on nabbing the Ferro Sloane!
  13. yesterday I received my large Julie tote in poudre from Bluefly:yahoo:- it travelled around the world to get here and its stunning-no problems at all. There is a security tag attached to it and it is definitely authentic. Do not worry, and if there's a problem, you can still return the bag if you do not like it..
  14. Just a word of caution to non-US purchasers who purchase from Bluefly. Yes, you can always return the bag, but international shipping cost is US$65, and in addition, there are import taxes and duties of your home country which you will have to bear. Mine (Japan) was quite hefty, and it is not possible to claim back the import taxes and duties even if the item is returned ('cos the item has still been imported into your country). So I find myself keeping all the items that I am not 100% happy with, only because I will have to write off expenses of around US$200 each time if I return an item.
  15. Minda - If the bag arrives defective, then you should be able to get the import costs back. I ordered one bag and received another from Choo in the UK. I had to fight after the return, but I eventually got my $200 in duties back.