New BVs at Bluefly!

  1. Noticed a fair number of new BVs today at Bluefly - including an ebano and carmino Montaigne (to go with the noce and camel ones there already). And no, I'm not getting any more Montaignes right now (although I don't have a camel or ebano)!

    There is also a red (brick?) cocker - I don't think I've ever seen it in that colour before...
  2. hi bookermoose, the camel montaigne is singing it's siren song to me. oh no, i MUST resist.
  3. They have actually had a lot of new BV over the past week or so. I've noticed that the number of products in stock seems to fluctuate significantly when they have a sale because many will will disappear and magically reappear when the sale is done....:wondering find it hard to believe that many are being sold or placed in shopping carts and never checked out!
  4. BookerMoose- you have a wonderful collection. i think you should hold off on any more montaignes. don't want you to have any remorse later. all your bags are tdf. enjoy them.
  5. booker, i can so imagine u having another montaignes....ha ha....

    but like annie said, whatever u do, no later remorse :smile:
  6. Don't worry - I'm not getting any more Montaignes (for now...)!! But if anyone is yearning for one they are certainly prevalent on Bluefly right now!

    And I think you are definitely right Mistikat - when Bluefly does an "everything on sale today" sale, it seems like much of their "everything" disappears for the day!
  7. BookerMoose - I like the way you phrased that eveerything disappearing while on sale seems about right! But they do seem to have the most discounted BV on the web.... those ombre totes are hugely tempting. But I'm definitely on a ban for a while!!!

    I think we definitely have to lobby BV for a Canadian store!!! Surely they can find enough customers to make it while in this entire country (and Lord knows we're already doing our part!!!)
  8. I know - I'm sure just between the two of us we could keep a BV boutique going - although it would have to be in Saskatchewan to be equally (in)convenient for both of us!
  9. Well, considering I've never been to Saskatchewan, at least it would give me a reason to see more Canada! Maybe we should start lobbying Gucci Group to see the light and bring BV here!!!
  10. That is annoying when they take a lot of items "off" during their sale. If you see something you like, and it is rare to pop up on bluefly(ex: I've only seen the ebano veneta twice so far) I would just grab it! Luckily, people are kind enough to post a lot of 10% codes in deals and steals.