New Bvlgari!!!

  1. I just wanted to share my joy! I found a diamond in the rough!

    A Mink evening purse ( I googled mink purse, even the brandless but top grade mink purses are around $500 to $2000++ per pop! at Amazon)... It is a Bvlgari!!! With authenticity card and dust bags!

    Found it on sale at a major department store! It list from the department at $1300 and up and I got that at 60% off! The Authenticity card states retail price at blank and for jewelry and watches (I love them too) means to be quoted by the SA of your local brand chain.

    Anyone here know the original retail of a Bvlgari Mink?

    Authenticity is not a question! Did I get a great buy or what???

  2. picture?? total score!
  3. Love the collection! :drool:

    Will post the pic. the minute I get a chance... I tried taking a pic. with my new Razor but when I hit send, it kept saying send failed. Will need to borrow my BF's camera.

    OMG! I am totally hot over the Bvlgari purse now... I even have a red Bvlgari scarve to go with it!
  4. OK... I am trying to post my pic... it asked for a url hmmm... I wonder if I can just paste the pic right on here! Still new to the forum.. bear with me!

  5. Cute!!!!
  6. Thanks FijiBuni!
  7. It is really cute.