New BV wallet to go with my beach/pool tote!

  1. I'm kind of conflicted about the wallet. I LOVE the color but really want a zip BV wallet.

    Anyways, here she is:
  2. Whoa! Gorgeous!!! Everything is!!! Love your tote and I think that wallet is beautiful. The zip-around is nice and secure but the wallet you chose looks just as secure with the accordion sides and simply oozes class. :yes: I love how the hardware coordinates with the tote too. Nice score!!
  3. Blugenie,

    Thanks for the compliments. I am in love with that tote and actually used to at one of my son's soccer games already! Couldn't wait for the pool to open!

    I found this wallet on the BV website and am thinking about exchanging the one I have.

  4. PS I'm really shoegal so I always try to post pics of my shoes with my bags! Those are Robert Clergerie.
  5. Yeppers, like your shoes too!

    Wow that second wallet is lovely too - love the detailing. I know I'd have a hard time choosing (especially since I'm wallet-challenged). I think it's a matter of function and this is what would swing it for me, personally....

    The double-accordion zipped section in the second wallet looks nice but what do you put in something like that? Coins...and....? I personally don't like mixing my coins with other stuff - and cash probably won't fit full length in it so you'd have to fold the cash. I'd hate coins flying out when I'm trying to get something else out of there. Maybe you don't keep coins in your wallet?

    The first wallet on the other hand has just a single zip section (great for coins IMO) and an extra full-length slot for cash etc. Just seems more functional.

    Pardon the long analysis but I just went through my own wallet dilemma trying to adjust to my new BV wallet (similar to your second choice) from my non-BV zip-around (similar to the first). I miss the function of my old wallet....
  6. Wow, Maxter! I'm loving both wallets. The 2nd has more detail, but they're both beautiful and the tote is scrumptious.

    I have a multi-color BV canvas purse from a couple seasons ago that I'll have to break out soon. It's already in the 80's here--hope summer isn't as hot as last year.

    I think wallets are so personal and difficult to select. When I find a wallet that works I keep it and patch it until it won't hold together any more. My wallet now is my 1st BV so we'll see how long it lasts.
  7. Loving the tote/wallet combo, gorgeous!
  8. Love that tote! Just saw it and it truly would be a great beach/pool tote. I like the wallet you picked, it is more toned down. I like the other too, but I think I like the first.

    Their zip around wallets are great, but like mentioned above are a tad more casual looking. Either way, you can not really go wrong.
  9. I was just trying out the smaller versions of the totes in the BV shop yesterday! :tender:

    My vote's gonna be for the 2nd wallet, cos I'm a HUGE fan of the chain detailing of BV. I think this wallet is from the same range as the Veneta with chains right? Me loves :yes:
  10. ^^I agree. I really like the one you picked!
  11. both wallets are great but i do like the first one better. the tote is great especially for the beach. good luck with your decision.
  12. I like the second wallet, it has more detail. Oh, and I'm in love with your shoes.
  13. I like the first wallet and love the tote!
  14. [​IMG]

    Oh myyyyy gorgeos wallet!! i s:huh::huh:oo like it so much better than the other one u are debating about! although they are both beautiful.. but God urs is TDF! simple and stunning!! congratulations and good luck weather u decide to keep it or exchange it :heart:
  15. Congrats on the tote, beautiful!

    I, too, prefer the first one. Stick to your instincts, you were right the first time! Though the second is pretty too, that one will withstand the test of time.