New BV platform sandal in stores yet???

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  1. No. I did not see it last time [about two weeks ago] in NYC boutique. Gorgeous sandal; but 4.5 in. heel / 6 in. platform ! :faint:
  2. I don't know the answer to your question but I can feel my ankle breaking (again) just looking at that picture... would be amazing on someone less klutzy than me, though!
  3. OMG - these are for the brave! but totally sexy! love the heels.... i wonder if they will have a shorter version for klutzy types like me who actually have to walk for a living
  4. I think the platform is .6 inches. And they are soooooo gorgeous!
  5. :roflmfao: Klutz you say???? how about me jumping off a ladder (too slow to climb down the actual steps :cursing:) and falling two feet to the floor and tearing my ACL in my right knee.......and the best part, i did it to rescue an Hermes box that had fallen into the corner behind my new cabinets....i should post that act of true stupidity in the H i thought they would be a great post-surgery post-physical therapy post-stupidity treat to JUNE :P
  6. oooh, ankle breaking again??? the first time wasn't fun either i'm sure! sorry to hear that! :sweatdrop:

    I am the biggest klutz of them all, my 4 yr old DS even knows that that word means :roflmfao:
  7. Hahaha - did the physical therapy result in a little orange retail therapy as well?

    i am so klutzy according to my DH, i cause HIM to stub his toe. :roflmfao:
  8. I don't want to rain on your parade, but please check with your doctor about wearing heels after ACL surgery recovery. We don't want you to re-injure yourself. :heart:
  9. while i'm sure you are on the mark, my surgery is in three weeks, so the thought of these shoes is about the only thing making me want to get it done with, i need something to look forward to! I have a long road ahead of me, who knows, platforms may be out of fashion by the time i can wear high heels again! :sad::sad::sad:
  10. actually, it just happened this past Monday so i haven't even had my surgery yet, but yes, some retail therapy will definitely be in order!!! BV and H, here i come! :nuts:
  11. OMG - horrible. well they say you should keep your acl in motion after surgery, or is it that you have to keep it immobile? yes, i would say definitely some bv and h are in order. if i lived closer, would happily volunteer as shopper support -you know hold your bags, what not.
  12. Ha, this is why I need a reading glass! .6 inches then seems a little low/flat for my old feet!
    trishaluvslv - wish smooth surgery. copper cabat + this platform sandal totally chic!
  14. hi trishaluvslv,

    I've seen & tried it on at the trunk show in Nov. It's not with leather but metal heels, like the hardware on the knot clutch. It's very beautiful but 4.5".... no thanks, even thought I'm a shortie... :P