New BV Owner Here!!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the BV forum, I'm usually lurking in the Chanel forum and the Beauty Bar. I grew up around BVs as my Mom has been a huge fan of BV bags for over 20 years now. I have been lusting after a Carmino Medium Veneta for a couple of months and after a nice bonus at work, I decided to treat myself!

    I got my new baby today and couldn't wait to take her out. I'm used to the caviar leather of my Chanel GST, so the buttery softness of the BV leather scares me a bit, even though I can't stop petting it! It just seems so much more delicate than the caviar leather that I'm used to. I know I'm not supposed to pretreat the leather or anything, but is there anything I should avoid doing? Anything special I should do for my new baby?

    Thanks in advance! :yahoo:
  2. congrats on the new baby. enjoy her. i don't have the veneta and i know you're not supposed to but i have sprayed my bags. there are many many threads on this issue. good luck with your decision and enjoy the new bag.
  3. sarcal, congratulations! The carmine veneta is so beautiful; I would have gotten one myself if I hadn't just purchased some other bags recently. I do have a black medium veneta and didn't spray mine. It still looks very good but I baby it.

    Annie9999, did you spray your ottone cabat? I ask because I've ordered the mini cabat in ottone. Thanks!
  4. welcome, it's a slippery slope from here :yahoo:

    and congrats on the bonus :flowers:
  5. Thanks everyone! I can't stop staring at the new bag! Every time I walk by I have to touch it. I know BVs hold up very well, my Mom still has bags that are over 20 years old that still look beautiful and she's never had them reconditioned or anything. I'm just being a paranoid new owner!
  6. sarcal,congrats on your buy.please do share pics!
  7. sarcal, welcome to the BV forum. Congratulations on your bonus and BV acquisition. I don't spray any of my bags and if they should get caught in the rain I dry them off with a towel. Follow your mom's lead and enjoy your bag!
  8. Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of BV! I haven't treated any of mine, although worry about that given the amount of rain we get... Can't wait to see pictures - and hear about your next BV(s) once the obsession really sets in!!!
  9. congrats and welcome. you keep petting her and smelling her and even sleep with her. LOL..I know i have.
  10. this is me!! :love: :shame:

    congrats, sarcal, on the bonus and your new BV!!
  11. I thought I was the only one that pet's them. Tried to get hubby to do it--but if looks could kill...anyway I haven't treated mine. Carmino is a great color, enjoy the bag.
  12. You lucky girl--your mom knows BV!!! I have a GST also and the caviar leather seems impervious to everything but it doesn't really feel like leather. The Nappa leather will be fine if you take reasonable care of it--I don't use them in a downpour and I'm careful about where I set it down. It will get softer with time and drape to your body. You picked a great color too!
  13. Thanks everyone! I love my new baby! I've been looking at and considering buying a BV for a while now. I grew up around them, since my Mom was always such a huge fan. As soon as I saw a large Veneta in Carmino in Neiman Marcus near me though, that was it, I had to have it! But, I wanted the medium size Veneta instead.

    Carolina, at BV in Bal Harbour in Florida, was absolutely fantastic in locating one for me and sending it to me. I've read on here about people having problems when receiving bags from that store, but mine came in perfect condition in its dustbag with a beautiful handwritten note from Carolina.

    Needless to say, I'm now a huge fan of BV and there will be more added to my collection in the future! This Carmino color is just gorgeous to me though, a perfect lipstick red, EXACTLY what I've been searching for! :drool:
  14. What an awesome bag you've got!! Congratulations!!!
  15. Okay, I have THOUGHT about bringing my BVs to bed but I haven't quite gone there yet - the closest I've come is setting a new arrival down beside the bed so I can gaze it and touch it if I wake up in the middle of the night!!
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