New BV outlet store in Livermore, CA

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  1. Ms. Diane informed me that BV recently opened an outlet store at the San Francisco Premium Outlets in Livermore, off the 580 freeway. I plan to check it out in the next couple of weeks. This is great news for NorCal tPFers.
  2. Adding to the post from Mousse in the shopping section where she posted the location: San Francisco Premium Outlets off hwy 580. (Bags are past seasons and some “made for outlet” with cloth lining.)
    Danah just sent me some photos to share. She also shared that many bags sold quickly.
    BE5DE165-D319-454D-85D1-38206E066F46.jpeg A3EFE985-1DB0-471B-A7D8-3F001D4CA91C.jpeg 7D5767C1-D9E6-4A49-8E0F-7A742BB20673.jpeg 21DD339F-061D-40CC-A5CC-21F94A65C76B.jpeg B09294C3-38B4-4C14-80E7-0EA0BF05C8C0.jpeg 2479C184-79B4-49B9-942B-8210F7FFAA6D.jpeg E4526840-A8B1-43BD-9872-A1C09223D1AB.jpeg 471FCA06-79E8-4F6F-8C6E-18A80DF9BA42.jpeg C7127F37-6BB1-47BB-A364-0A0CEB4BD4F8.jpeg 22079184-051F-4023-A38E-2756D0BAC8D4.jpeg
  3. I heard the discount is 30% off the outlet price, which is 30% off MSRP. :nuts:
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    Just saw this thread - what a great set of pictures. There are some gorgeous year-round bags there! Also, I vaguely had heard that Livermore had outlets, but how did I not know about the fabulous stores at this location till now? Prada, Boss, Barneys Warehouse, Tod's, and more. Of those, I only have something from Boss, but would certainly enjoy a browse.

    My usual outlets around here are Petaluma for casual wear (Banana Republic has lots of great stuff there) and occasionally the Vacaville outlets.
  5. I popped over to Livermore today. This was strictly for research, to see what’s what. The stock in the photos is already somewhat diminished but, there are some great deals to be had.
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  6. They didn't get to replenish the stock for June? Darn...
  7. IMG_20180602_105540~2.jpg Small and mini Roma! 30% off MSRP

  8. I’m so close to these outlets that it’s dangerous :smile:
  9. There was a bag today that was extra 70% off, it wasn’t for me

    If anyone is interested!

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  11. Can you repost the attachment.
  12. IMG_0495.jpg
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  13. Anything BV interesting at the outlet?
  14. It is 30% off MSRP. There are some select style (not roma though) with additional discount.

    I would say the items on the shelf are different every few weeks. Either the store is diligent with their shelf display or the items are sold quickly.
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