New BV on Bluefly!!!

  1. Hurry- lots of new stuff on Good luck!!!
  2. You lucky gals in the U.S. Oh how I wish I could order any of those yummy bags! Good luck.
  3. Aww, sorry Nizlay. I didn't realize bluefly doesn't ship outside of the US.

    I was shocked to see bluefly had 4 pages of BV bags and accessories!!! I was so tempted to go overboard but I contained myself. I purchased a pink cosmetic case. It was $304 but I used a discount code and got 15% off. I tried to use the code to get 20% off but it wouldn't work.

    Did anyone else buy something?
  4. They do ship outside the U.S., but only to a very few select countries. Congrats on your lovely purchase and great price!
  5. oh, wow!

    white montaigne
    pink and limo sardegna shoppers
    old petra roma
    ebano roma
    limo cosmetic bag

    this is like purse-paradise!!!

    and i`m seriously thinking about moing to switzerland, cuz that`s the only european country they ship to *lol*
  6. I seriously had to hold myself back!!! I haven't even received my first BV bag- hoping it arrives today.:yes:
  7. URRRGGGG - I just bought my Roma on NAP and I could have saved $200 more on Bluefly!

    oh well, you live and learn....:sad:
  8. I saw quarzo medium veneta this morning... who's the lucky shopper?
  9. I bought this bag-and have already received it-it's gorgeous! Fortunately I got it the weekend they did the extra % off, plus I had the 20% off code-so total shipped to me was $748.
    [​IMG][​IMG]Bottega Veneta
    light brown deerskin woven medium tote
    retail value: $1,380.00
    bluefly: $1,104.00

    I also saw the violet one and would love it-but alas-not right now!
  10. shirley, apparently they already received your sloane and it was snapped up! ok people. fess up -- who got the goods?? i hate the idea that any great bv bags went to anyone outside tPF (partly because then i don't get to see pics) -- am i crazy??
  11. JNH14, beautiful bag and fabulous deal! Would love to see more pics of your new bag. It looks nice and roomy and I love the color.
  12. Sorry kiks.. are you also waiting for the OP sloane? I'm the one who got that bag... I'm so excited!! I'll post pics when I got it..
  13. Thanks, I haven't taken her out for a spin yet because my Miu Miu knotted hobo, which is similar leather, got marks on it in the rain and I'm afraid that I need to pretreat it first! She is lovely though and is roomy!:tup:
  14. I am thinking to get this bag in violet. How do you like this bag? Can you wear it on your shoulder? Is it comfortable? Pls give me more info. Thanks sooooooooo much! :smile:
  15. Tons of pink and purple on Bluefly this morning!!! :drool::drool::drool:I couldn't help myself and ordered this bag!! :rolleyes::p
    (The picture below is taken from Neiman Marcus website. I could not find the link at Bluefly anymore after I placed the order.)