New BV Eau De Parfum

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  1. You can't believe how shocked I was to open my new NM Beauty Event free red faux croc tote and pull out a sample of the new BV parfum!

    The bad news: it makes me sneeze :smile:
  2. I have trouble with all scents, so I am sure it will make me sneeze too. Anyone else try it? Like anyone who went to FNO last night and hasn't reported back to us? (Not naming any names but you know who you are. ;) )
  3. Is the scent an amber color or clearish in color
    that makes all the difference for me
  4. september, it's clear-ish. A bit too strong for me.

    I'm extremely fussy about fragrances. A few years ago I bought one of their candles that I liked. There are only about 4 perfumes that I can tolerate and 2 of them are real oldies (Arpege and L'Air du Temps).
  5. Clear fragrances are ususally good for me
    it is the amber that is too strong
    I have been wearing Ralph Lauren Blue for years
    I wear it in the daytime. Very light. It has been discontinued.
    I now have to haunt flea markets for it.
    In the summer time I wear L'Air du Temps also but I mix it with a little a little Calyx by Prescriptives. I think that was also discontinued.
    The scent I wear for "date night" was called HOT by Givenchy that has also been discontinued
    I don't have much luck with scent
    every time I find one that is good for me
    it gets discontinued
    sometimes I feel like I have a black scent cloud over my head LOL :noggin:
  6. I got a sample of it...going to wear it at tomorrow while I hang out at home and see if it bothers my allergies...I LOVE the scent..I have worn Coco Madam for years because it doesn't make me the BV doesn't make me sneeze...
  7. Like Boxermom's, my sample was clear-ish. I've found the Hermessence Rose Ikebana and Ambre Narguile are the only scents I can wear without issues.
  8. I'm wearing it today. I went to FNO @ SCP last night. (Did anyone else go?) I have allergies from hell and I seem to be doing ok. Just a tiny dab of the lotion on my wrist this morning is working for me. If I use the spray, like any other perfume, my eyes start to burn immediately.
  9. boxermom, the BV candles were made by L'Artisan Parfumeur. they had a store in SoHo but unfortunately it have since closed. i really like a lot of their scents - specially the fresh green ones.

    the BV perfume comes on strong at first but it quickly softens (at least on me). if you're not allergic, give it a chance.
  10. Can't wait to try mine tomorrow.
  11. I just received some samples and to be honest I am really on the fence about this fragrance. I do like it, but it has a masculine vibe to it. the sample bottles are cute though.
  12. I have worn it all day....hasn't made me sneeze, but to be honest I can't smell it at all while I have been wearing it...not sure what I think..
  13. I can't wait to receive my sample - I'm very fond of patchouli and it will be interesting to scent the essences of that in this fragrance...
  14. it was not my favorite scent as it had no lasting power...
  15. I have my sample and liked it. I agree with the others and it does come on strong at first and then softens. But I liked it.

    I tried the lotion too and that's really nice as well.