New BV boutique at the Palazzo in Las Vegas

  1. I was in Vegas until the 18th, but I found out the BV store would not open until this weekend.

    I did get to go to the opening day of Barney's New York. Very nice store. After wondering in Barney's, I went to check out the BV store. The store is just a bit bigger than the Bellagio one, but it will carry RTW.

    Here are some pics.
    Dsc00106.jpg Dsc00107.jpg Dsc00108.jpg
  2. Oooooh. Aaaaaah. I desperately need a break from work... I'm starting to think a few days in Vegas might be just what I need, given all the BV that seems to be available there!
  3. Wow! I`m spying two Cabats in your third pic. Is the upper one an Ottone one?
  4. Another great reason to plan a trip to Vegas!! Thanks for sharing the news and the pics!!

    Am I spying pastel colour box clutches??
  5. Oh dear God, they are carrying RTW. AND it's bigger than the one in Bellagio. Any bag ban I may be on is officially doomed! Especially since I am supposed to be in Vegas in Feb for a conference. Thanks for the heads up uclaboi!
  6. I'm not a gambler, but it sounds like a trip to Vegas would be shopping heaven! Thanks, uclaboi!
  7. exactly what I was thinking! to be perfectly honest Vegas has always struck me as the last place on earth I'd want to go to, but these shopping possibilities are starting to change my mind :angel:
  8. Mundo, the ONLY reason I go is for the shopping!! And if I win at the craps table that's even better, but not a criteria for a great Vegas trip. I'm sure eventually I'll tire of the excesses in Vegas and long for a mountain/beach vacation, but for now, it's the only way I get to see the gorgeous bags on this forum in person. AND...hope to catch a glimpse of that stylish uclaboi wandering around the Bellagio with one of his fab bags!
  9. Happy shopping everyone! :graucho:
  10. cool! i'm going to be in vegas the in 2 weeks! so excited for the new stores!
  11. does anyone know whether palazzo is near the venetian hotel?

    am going vegas in may and staying at venetian....hehehe
  12. They are connected by all the shops and right next to each other. :devil:
  13. uclaboi, you're such an enabler:graucho:.
  14. oooh.....:drool:
  15. Let's all have a tPF meet in Vegas!!! With 2 BV boutiques, Hermes, and Barney's NY, Vegas IS NOW a shopping heaven. Hehe...