New BV Belt

  1. I have also posted this on the authenticity thread.

    I purchased this BV belt from Bluefly and I can't decide if it is yay or nay. :confused1: It is slightly long for me, and I may have to shorten it (which will add on to the overall cost). Does anyone have a similar belt and what are your thoughts? Is this belt a classic? Do you know which year/season this belt was made? TIA.
  2. Hi Minda,

    I replied to your post in the other thread about your belt. Anyway, I have a intrecciato weave nero men's belt. Very similar to yours, and a classic design.


    Not sure which season yours or mine is from though, but like yours, did not come with any authenticity tag. pretty sure its authentic though, cause i bought it from my local BV store.
  3. I have no idea which season both belts are from, but both belts are really timeless and lovely! So understated and so luxe at the same time!

    I especially like the detail of the buckle in yours, Minda :yes:
  4. Thanks Triggerpuff! Your post is very helpful indeed as there is so little literature on BV belts! Do educate all of us. :smile:
  5. Thanks Nymph! The buckle was what attracted me. Now in a quandry as I have no matching BV bag! :sad:
  6. Hi Minda, here are two shots of my belt edge, close up. Does yours look like this? I kinda think it looks "painted" too, though "painted" may not be the correct word for this finishing process.


  7. I think it's "grazed", no?
  8. I believe it's actually "glazed."

  9. :roflmfao:
    Now that proves I am Japanese!! We mix up "R" and "L" all the time, and it gets us in a big trouble!! rice and lice, fries and flies, election and e...... cough cough.

    Thank you Ryan, I am so embarrassed that I can only laugh at myself.:sweatdrop: ...Sorry for the OT.
  10. No need to be embarrassed! It's part of the charm of our global community. :smile:

  11. Hi Triggerpuff. Thanks for posting the photos of your belt showing the edges. Yes, mine looks like that too, but yours looks more polished as it is in nero. I really love your belt in nero. My DH said maybe he should get one too!
  12. Hi Minda, you're most welcome! Yes, tell you DH it is worth every cent I paid! I saw this belt once in BV store, but thought maybe I'd look around a bit more before deciding. I've been looking around for a classic timeless looking belt for ages, went to Hermes, Boss, Dunhill, Tod's, EZ, Hogan, you name it... and all the buckles and strap just did not stand out. Then I went back to BV and lucky me, managed to get the last piece in my size! Phew!!
  13. Hi Minda! I'm not a belt-wearer. I have almost no waist, haha. I love your belt, though. It looks like a classic to me, and as Nymph said, the detail on the buckle makes yours special-looking. So I hope you can make it fit and that you enjoy wearing it!
  14. its a nice classic belt......
    and very bv!
  15. Thanks boxermom and kopibaby! I brought it to my local BV store to see if they could shorten it, and to "test" if the belt was authentic. The SA mentioned that this belt is from Spring 07.... so at least no red flags about authenticity (phew)! It would cost JPY5,000 (slightly less than US$50) to shorten it, and given that I already paid US$65 for international shipping and another JPY5,000 for customs and duties, I think I will wear my belt at the last hole with the end dangling!!!