New Buyer Scamming Method!! Beware!!

  1. I have been selling several items online for the past few weeks. They are staggered to end throughout the week and not all on the same day. I had a buyer win one of my items and not pay for over a week. My policy states that payment is due within 48 hours and that I ship the next day. I sent several invoices and emails to the buyer but received no response.

    Just two days ago, the same buyer won another one of my items and I assumed that she was waiting to send payment at once. I received payment from her yesterday and was going to ship out her items today when I took a closer look at my paypal account.

    I personally do not combine shipping because I don't charge too much to begin with. This buyer however took it upon herself to adjust the invoice from paypal and discounted herself $20!!!!!!

    I wonder how many sellers she has scammed in the past by doing this. Its a good thing I double checked the invoice before printing her shipping label!! I am sure many buyers would just be happy that some form of payment was received and ship out the stuff right away...

    Now if it was a matter of her wanting combined shipping, she should have emailed me asking politely if I did discounts. If she did that, then I would have no problem giving her a few dollars discount...

    Just thought I would warn all you diligent sellers out there. There are really some horrible people on eBay!!! :tdown:
  2. Eek, so good that you caught it. That wasn't so nice of her. For future listings, you can go to your eBay preferences and not allow buyers to edit their invoice/shipping, etc.

    Selling Preferences
    Sell Your Item form and listings Show
    Edit your Sell Your Item form preferences and other listing preferences.
    Payment from buyers Hide

    Use checkout Yes Edit
    Offer PayPal on my listings Yes
    Display "PayPal Preferred" on my listings Yes
    Include my items when buyers pay all their sellers at once using PayPal Yes
    Allow buyers to edit payment totals Yes
  3. So what did you do? Did you "politely" point out to her that you noticed she made a TYPO when paying by PayPal and that she "inadvertantly" underpaid!!!!!?????
  4. ^WOW!....Thanks for the warning, that is unbelievable...
  5. I've noticed this before too...I made sure I don't let buyers adjust the invoice. :nogood:
  6. I am actually still sitting here in shock that somebody would actually do such a thing. The horrible part is that I'm sure she has gotten away with it hundreds of times! :tdown:

  7. You have got to let her know you're in on her little scam!!!! What an idiot. People never cease to amaze me!
  8. It never ends...I'm soo sick of eBay....I am so sorry you keep running into this nonsense!
  9. That is pretty low... isn't there a setting you can change so that buyers cannot adjust the invoice? Pretty sure I saw one on ebay.
  10. I had no idea a buyer could adjust the invoice! This is unbelievable - not only is it a scam, but it's just outright disrepectful to the seller. What's wrong with asking if a seller will combine postage before you bid?!
  11. But why don't you combine shipping? I'd say the majority of sellers do and your buyer no doubt made, albeit an incorrect one, the assumption that you did too.
  12. Be careful with combined shipping if using USPS. With the new rates, they are now charging extra for the oversize boxes. I shipped two bags in one large box to a customer and paid $5.80 more in shipping than I would have if I had shipped in two separate smaller boxes.
    The size of the box was over the 12 x 12 x 12 size for standard USPS shipping. The paypal shipping label had the words "DIM weight pricing" on the top of the label. (dimension weight charge)
  13. I would tell her that somehow the amount got adjusted and she still owes such and such amount. She'll probably write back that she combined shipping. I'm sure she's going to be upset- but too bad~ She should of asked if you combined shipping. Some ebayers just take things into their own hands, drives me crazy!
  14. the nerve. Just... wow:nogood:
  15. Can you tell me the buyer's name? I'm just curious because I notice that the same person has put bids on 5 different items of mine and she hasn't paid me yet for an item that she won last Wednesday. I was starting to wonder if she was up to something like this and then I saw this post.

    Although, I didn't know a buyer could adjust S&H either. I just said it in another thread and I'll say it again - buyers have all the rights anymore.