New Buy at the Coach Outlet!

  1. I went to the Coach Outlet in Estero, FL (Miromar Outlets) on Saturday and EVERYTHING in the store was an additional 20-40% off! The store was packed and most of the wristlet/wallets were gone but a lot of bags remained.

    I saw a lot of hamptons all leather carry alls, there were lots of SOHO totes, a few Embossed Hampton's totes. I wanted a school bag but the Hampton's business carryall only came in khaki when I wanted black.

    I settled on the North-South Gallery Tote in Black (picture below from which I got for $210!

    I LOVE it and its lightweight enough for me to carry my notebooks and pens in. I sort of wish I had gotten a larger tote to fit my laptop but the BF reminded me he'd buy me the Gigi later.

    An aside: it was really funny, the BF kept following me around and telling me to try on this bag and that bag and he was all about the legacy lining inside smaller bags (shoulder flaps, etc) and he was even pushing me to get a PURSE instead of a tote for school telling me He'd buy the tote nxt week or whatever....*SIGH* he also pops into the coach outlet during lunch and chats it up with the SAs which is how I knew there would be awesome sales this weekend. Gotta love him.
  2. Congrats, great deal on the tote! Aw, what a sweet BF.
  3. WOW... great BF.
  4. Congrats! :tup:
  5. great deal!!! man I love those totes!
  6. Wow you got a great BF! Congrats on the great bag
  7. What a great find!!
  8. Great finds, the tote AND the BF!!
  9. i was there over the first those outlets!!!
  10. Congrats on that great find!
  11. Love the gallery totes, congrats :tup: